Choosing the Right Bra for Different Occasions

Choosing the Right Bra for Different Occasions

Stay elegant in any outfit and look flawless with the best bra you can wear! Certain dresses and tops don’t need a bra, but when you are going for a special occasion, you should always be prepared and in style. We all know that bras can vary from fashion, fabric, function and style, so we make sure that you’ll get to choose one to fit your special occasion.


At Bradoria, we’ve spent the time to focus on the details and aim to provide the best bras to fit your needs. We’ve got a pervasive collection that can help you out for any occasions. To save you time and effort, check our recommendations below.

For Weddings

Bold Seduction Push-Up Bra with Versatile Straps

Achieve a sexy style with this push-up bra! It comes with double and multi-functional straps with seamless half cup designed for smaller breasts and beautiful bust-line. This is adaptable to your needs and shapes your curves to let you have the best look!

You can wear this under your wedding dress and simple gowns with ease.


Alternative: Simple Silky Soft Push-Up Bra with Removable Straps

If you’d like a simple alternative, then this one is for you! It perfectly supports your breast under any dress. This is designed for minimalist women that want to have high-quality comfort and versatility. It is made from an excellent fabric material that gives stunning cleavage and can be worn under wedding dresses and even simple blouses.

For Pregnancy

Butterfly Wireless Bra

Being pregnant won’t stop you in staying classy! Our butterfly wireless bra is designed to show off your grace and femininity. It is stitched with lace and creative butterfly wing pattern for extra style and support your breast correctly. It is comfortable to use and doesn’t come with underwire. Wear it anytime under your clothes and be confident every day!


Alternative: Seamless Fashion Wireless Push-Up Bra

Our Seamless Fashion Wireless Push-Up Bra is made for women that like to have a simple bra to use. It is breathable, comfortable and made with pure cotton. This is built not only for pregnant woman but also for a busy woman that doesn’t like to deal with restricting bra. It doesn’t have wires and seamless.

For Sports

Breathable Sports Bra

Our sports bra is perfect for all athletic woman! It is designed with better support, comfort, breathability and style. It is made of high elastic, moisture-wicking fabric that absorbs shock and keeps you fresh while you are exercising.

For Luxury and Style

Full Cup Mesh Intelligent Curve Push-Up Bra

Our Full Cup Mesh Intelligent Curve Push-Up Bra is made for true style and luxury! It is seamless and lets you achieve the same fullness of having a B cup, even if you only have an A cup. It is also available in an elegant colour that matches your needs and preferences. Easily brings out that feminine and romantic style in you!

For Everyday Essentials

All-Season Trendsetter Push-Up Bra

We know that you only deserve the best all year long and our All-Season Trendsetter Push-Up Bra is designed to give you comfort anytime and anywhere you want! It is made of high-quality fabric that provides your skin moisture in the winter and protects your skin in summer. It’s a perfect choice for your everyday essentials.

Indeed, bras are essential to all women! There is no perfect bra, but there is always the best bra that you can use for one particular day of your life. If you have questions or would like to know more recommendations, feel free to ask for advice from our experts!

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