Fashionable Sport Bra #11166
Fashionable Sport Bra #11166
Fashionable Sport Bra #11166

Fashionable Sport Bra #11166

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Highly elastic fabric, shock absorber
Sagging Breast, Wide Set Breast, Breast side fat
- There aren’t any bras in the market which can solve your problems
Marks caused by underwire
- tight and chafing underwire causes marks
- Normal sport bra unable to provide full support for your breasts, causes tiredness and uncomforted
- Stuffy and unbreathable especially during summer
Design concept
- Provides full support and care to your breasts, effectively absorbs shock during exercising
- Prevents sagging and wide set breasts
- Breathable, moisture wicking and fits on your body comfortably
- Minimizes shock and protects your breasts with wider bra side
- Highly elastic shoulder straps support your breasts effectively
- Vest style bra fully supports your breasts
- Front double colored design, vivid and energetic
- Wider lower part fits in your body comfortably
- Adjustable 3 hooks
- Supports and protects your breasts for shock

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