Intelligent Curve™ Ultimate Side-N-Back Smoother Full Cup Shaping Bra #11606

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A Stylish Take on the Latest Development in Lingerie

Stay curvy and comfortable with our Full Cup Mesh Intelligent Curve Push Up Bra! Designed with 3D seamless technology that keeps it hidden under your dresses, gowns or any tight fitting clothes, this women lingerie lets you achieve the same fullness with B cup even if you only have A cup. The premium is breathable, elastic, cool and lightweight. It can serve as a substitute as a sports bra. As our most popular collection of bras for women, the Intelligent Curve is not only classic but highly versatile. This women underwear is sure to be one of the best lingerie in your wardrobe.

Padded cup for A to C cup with no front mesh. Thin and soft cup for fuller and bigger busts, added with see-through mesh in front of the chest, giving a better and stronger lift up. It perfectly supports your breasts with a secure and tangible push up effect, giving you a natural look with improved posture.

Key Features

  • Seamless and stay hidden under your everyday clothes.
  • Thick cup for fuller and bigger cups.
  • Elegant style to let you stay stylish and confident.
  • Made with 3D seamless-leading technology.
  • Perfectly supports your breast and make it look natural.
  • Great color for better feminine style.

Style Guide

Uneven Inner-push Cup

(A,B Cup Style)

Even thin Cup

(C+ Cup Style)

Design Details

Inner-push Design

Anti-slip Strap

Cotton Pad

Seamless Design

*Important Note- always hand wash with warm water to ensure your lingerie stays in its best condition!

About Intelligent Curve Fabric

Made of a thin, light slimming fabric that is used by high-end professionals in Italy's fashion industry, our Intelligent Curve fabric uses natural healing properties to give you a younger, fresher, and healthier skin.

Say goodbye to cellulite with this innovative fabric! The Nurel fiber used in the material is rich in caffeine, retinol, fat acids, aloe vera, and Vitamin E, which work to heal different skin conditions caused by fat deposits. The components also stimulates microcirculation and improve the skin tissue oxygenation, helping you to burn fat quickly. This fabric is truly the perfect blend of comfort, style, and innovation.

Learn more about Intelligent Curve Fabric Here


Feather weight

Shape retention

Non curling

Pilling resistant

Quick drying


Feather weight

Shape retention

Non curling

Pilling resistant

Quick drying