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Lingerie Washer | Best Cleaning Washer

Lingerie Washer

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Deep clean, deodorize and remove bacteria from your lingerie.
Giving your intimate clothing intimate care
Do you often encounter these problems?
Bacteria, stubborn and yellow stains on your undergarments.
Are you using normal detergent to clean your lingerie?
Chemical irritating your skin and unable to remove the stains.
We must concern while cleaning our lingerie since it is closely related to health issues.
Special formulated enzyme wash that remove stains such as sweat, blood and milk easily from the cloth.
It removes bacteria and unpleasant odor from your lingerie with natural enzyme,
you can have a healthier body while wearing it.
Mild, skin friendly and low form, wash your lingerie easily and not hurting your skin
Provides protection and long-lasting pleasant fragrance on your lingerie
Specially for lingerie, providing deep clean and intimate care
Biological enzyme that removes stains
Removes bacteria and unpleasant odor
Dissolve: put 10-15ml of enzyme wash into half fill tub
Soak: soak your lingerie for 5-15 minutes
Rub: rub your lingerie gently to remove stains
Rinse: rinse your lingerie with clean water
    If there is milk or blood stain, put small amount of enzyme wash on the stain and rub gently before soaking it.
    It is suitable for cashmere and silk mesh too, providing same cleaning effects.
      Functions: Clean your lingerie by removing stain, bacteria and odor, while making it smell good.
      Cautions: If it gets in your eyes, clean it with clean water and seek for medical advice immediately.
      This is not for drinking, please store it in a place where children are not easily accessible.
      Suitable for all types of lingerie, cashmere or silk
      Shelf life: 3 years

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