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High Waist Bamboo Fiber Slimming Pants #25288


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Are you struggling because of:

being out of shape after pregnancy

working lady, lack of exercise & fat build up in belly

Aging, skin getting saggy...

We are here to help!

Smooth and Slimming

Feel amazing and confident with Bradoria’s High Waist Bamboo Fibre Slimming Pants. Instantly smoothen your belly and tone your thighs at the same time. Made from high-quality bamboo charcoal fibers that naturally absorbs moisture perfect for any season. Contains natural anti-bacterial and deodorizing properties for a better comfort experience. The hip lifting design will instantly smoothens and lifts your hips by 1-3 cm. Look no further because these slimming pants will help you attain the perfect sexy silhouette.

Key Features

  • Made from breathable bamboo fibres
  • Contains natural anti-bacterial and deodorizing
  • Light material and seamless
  • Hip lifting design, instantly lift your hips


Design Details

  • Lace trimming for an added feminine touch and style
  • High Waist for a flat belly
  • Seamless design that perfectly hides under your clothes
  • Negative Oxygen Ion to promote proper blood circulation

High Quality Bamboo Fabric

Natural bamboo fibers have crisscross-section filled with various micro-grabs and holes that provides better moisture absorption and ventilation. Bamboo fibers also contains natural antibacterial elements that eliminates odor causing bacteria.

Negative Iron Intergraded

Generates rich oxygen that 8 hours of wear is equal to 2 hours of running in the forest*

High Waist Design

Smoothens and instantly flattens your tummy

Hip Lifting Design

Instantly lift your hips by 1-3 cm