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Bra Strap Extension


Goodbye to Super Tight Bras

Add few more inches to your under band and achieve better comfort with our Bradoria’s Bra Strap Extension. This comes with three hooks bra strap extension that can be attached to 2 or 3 hooks of your bra directly. Easily feel the comfort you need while still wearing your favorite bra! The length is adjustable and can fit most of the bra sizes.

Key Features

  • Three hooks for added inches on your bra straps.
  • Can be attached directly on your bra.
  • Adjustable length and made for most the bra sizes.
  • Available in three different colors to mix and match to your bra’s design.

Design Details

  • 2 to 3 hooks for your needs.
  • Use this for your everyday wear.
  • Bra extension for any kind of bra.