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Sleeveless Aloe Vera Intelligent Curve™ Full Body Shaper #21519


Compression Level

Key Features

High Quality Intelligent Curve Fabric

Improve your curves over time and enjoy all the benefits of this fabric made for your comfort and built to last even for the busiest and most active women.

Aloe Vera Infused Fabric

Provides extra smoothing and moisture effect for healthier looking skin

Tummy Slimmer

Three dimensional design with double layers of our famous intelligent curve fabric in tummy area, your waist now is magically slimmer!

Are you struggling because of:

being out of shape after pregnancy

working lady, lack of exercise & fat build up in belly

Aging, skin getting saggy...

We are here to help!

Try our top of the line Intelligent Curve™ Shapewear Collection

A Natural Slimming Solution for the Health-Minded

Looking for added skin benefits? We have the perfect design for you! With our Sleeveless Aloe Vera Intelligent Curve Full Body Shaper, your skin is constantly softened and smoothed as the light fabric shapes your figure to enhance your natural beauty. With extra Aloe Vera concentration, the natural components in our Intelligent Curve fabric are enhanced to increase your comfort while wearing the shapewear along with the skin-smoothing, moistening effects it has on your body.

Key Features

  • Zero Tension to Provide you with the Ultimate Shaping Experience in Comfort and Style
  • Dramatic Push-Up Effect to Enhance Your Curves
  • Waist-Trimming Effect
  • Hip-Lifting Effect
  • Open Bust and Crotch Design
  • Thin, Second-Skin Fit for Invisibility Underneath all Types of Clothing
  • Aloe Vera Concentration for Extra Smoothing and Skin-Beautifying Effects

Learn more about Intelligent Curve Fabric Here

Beautiful Skin

Infused with Aloe Vera for that needed extra soothing and moisture effect

Comfort and Support

Provides 360 degree smoothing effect with out sacrificing your comfort and style

Open Bust Design

Extra support for rounder and fuller breast while enhancing your natural curves

Open Crotch Design

Easy access for those trips to the toilet

One Solution for all your need

Design Detail


Smooth armpit, move fat back to cup

②Smooth Back

show your sexy back

③Waist Slim

Curve just show

④Hip Lifting

More curves just like that..

About Intelligent Curve™ Fabric

Made of a thin, light slimming fabric that is used by high-end professionals in Italy's fashion industry, our Intelligent Curve fabric uses natural healing properties to give you a younger, fresher, and healthier skin.

Say goodbye to cellulite with this innovative fabric! The Nurel fiber used in the material is rich in caffeine, retinol, fat acids, aloe vera, and Vitamin E, which work to heal different skin conditions caused by fat deposits. The components also stimulates microcirculation and improve the skin tissue oxygenation, helping you to burn fat quickly. This fabric is truly the perfect blend of comfort, style, and innovation.

Learn more about Intelligent Curve Fabric Here


Feather weight

Shape retention

Non curling

Pilling resistant

Quick drying

Style Guide


Elbow-length sleeve/Mid-thigh

Sleeveless Brief

Question? Not sure what style fits your? Talk to our fit expert using Live Chat or Email.

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