Short-Sleeve Shaper | Shapewear With Sleeves
Short-Sleeve Shaper | Shapewear With Sleeves

Fashion-Line Intelligent Curve™ Short-Sleeve Shaper #21037

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A Trendy Style for the Daring

Go about your day in style while reaping the rewards of our Intelligent Curve™ fabric! Our Fashion-Line Intelligent Curve™ products are designed for those special, trendy, modern gals who want to add a little extra character to their shapewear, while still retaining maximum comfort levels, flattering shaping results, and skin-smoothing effects. This short-sleeve option of our special Intelligent Curve™ fashion line features a lace mesh design on the short sleeves and a see-through lace mesh, V-neck style chest for added personality to the design!

Key Features

  • Zero Tension to Provide you with the Ultimate Shaping Experience in Comfort and Style
  • Dramatic Push-Up Effect to Enhance Your Curves
  • Waist-Trimming Effect
  • Hip-Lifting Effect
  • Open Bust and Crotch Design
  • Thin, Second-Skin Fit for Invisibility Underneath all Types of Clothing
  • Lace Mesh Sleeves and V-Neck Chest for Added Style!
*Important Note- always hand wash with warm water to ensure your shapewear stays in its best condition!

About Intelligent Curve™ Fabric

Made of a thin, light slimming fabric used by high-end professionals in Italy’s fashion industry, our Intelligent Curve™ fabric uses natural healing properties to give you younger, fresher, healthier skin. Say goodbye to cellulite with this innovative fabric! The Nurel fiber used in the material is rich in caffeine, retinol, fat acids, aloe vera, and Vitamin E, which work to heal skin conditions caused by fat deposits. The components also stimulate microcirculation and improve skin tissue oxygenation, helping you burn fat more quickly. This fabric truly is the perfect blend of comfort, style, and innovation.

Learn more about Intelligent Curve™ Fabric Here

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