Classic Intelligent Curve™ Full Body Shaper (2018 Upgraded)  #21018
Classic Intelligent Curve™ Full Body Shaper (2018 Upgraded)  #21018
Classic Intelligent Curve™ Full Body Shaper (2018 Upgraded)  #21018

Classic Intelligent Curve™ Full Body Shaper (2018 Upgraded) #21018

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NEW Classic Intelligent Curve™ Full Body Shaper (2018 Upgraded)
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- Reshape naturally with seven main functions
 - Get you a beautiful body curve
Do you have these problems too?
New mothers: Lack of time to shape up body
Office Ladies: Accumulation of fats due to long hour of sitting
In your adulthood: Having sagging breasts
Anxious as your body shape changes with age,  and you only need a shapewear to solve all these problems!
Bradoria helps you to get a perfect figure as in your twenties
Do you think that shapewear is to tie, squeeze, stress your body?
The rough mesh on the tight, non-breathable shapewear causes burden to your body
Do you think that tight and non-breathable shapewear works effectively?
Deep V design on the back, supports your back and waist
U-shaped push up bra design
Shapes your body curve for a beautiful S-shaped.
Enjoy simple life, and get fit easily
Body Shapewear
A care free body reshaping experience
Old Fashioned Shapewear
- Fish Bone Corset
- No significant effect
- Shape your body with tight corset and belt
- Upper part of the body is uncomfortable
Make Body Shapewear
- Made from the best Intelligent Curve™ fabric
- Nurel fiber material
- Rich in caffeine, retinol, fat acids
- The material contains natural ingredient such as aloe vera, and Vitamin E
- Reduce rash that caused by body fats
- Stimulate skin regeneration
- Improve skin tissue layer
- Burn body fat effectively
As light as feather
Zero burden, reshape your body naturally
Breathable mesh as your second skin
Reshape your body naturally
- U shaped push up bra design: Support breast fats onto the center
- Beautiful waistline: Mesh with ions helps to burn body fat
- Light and breathable mesh: Comfortable, Light and Elastic
- Get flat tummy: 360 degree, tailored beautifully
Shapewear makes your more confident and elegant with 'reshape naturally, simple life’ concept.
- Super smooth
- Breathable
- Non curling
- Anti pilling
- Dries up quickly

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