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Bradoria Openbust Full Body Shaper for Women - Waist Trainer Corset Medium Firm Compression #10044


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Are you struggling because of:

being out of shape after pregnancy

working lady, lack of exercise & fat build up in belly

Aging, skin getting saggy...

We are here to help!

Elegantly Styled with 360 degrees of Firm Control

A stronger version of the corset was explicitly designed for postpartum mothers and the beautiful women who want to get rid of their big belly.

This version of the corset is made up of Korean import silk fibroin materials which are soft and comfortable and also strengthens the abdomen actively.

The gear at the bottom can be untied, so it is convenient to take off your underpants and go to bathrooms.

The user-friendly three-breasted design of the corset lets you quickly adjust the tightness appropriately according to the requirements of the body.

Lastly, both the waistband and belly-band have the therapeutic stone design that may improve human blood circulation, accelerates the metabolism, as well as relieves pain and improves the environment of the human body surface. Treat yourself with our Elegant Shapewear. You deserve it!

Key Features

  • Waist-Trimming Effect that reduce visible inches in waistline
  • Zero Tension to Provide you with the Ultimate Shaping Experience with Comfort and Style
  • Dramatic Push-Up Effect to Enhance Your Curves
  • Breathable and comfortable shell design. Hip-Lifting Effect
  • Open Bust and Crotch Design with comfortable wide straps and back reinforcement that will help maintain good posture.
  • Front hooks that facilitates to close the girdle in the desired compression level.
  • Thin, Second-Skin Fit for Invisibility Underneath all Types of Clothing

Design Details

  • Made of Korean import silk fibroin materials.
  • Soft and comfortable on your skin and body.
  • Easy to remove, so no bathroom problems!
  • User-friendly three-breasted design for better adjustment.
  • Improve blood circulation with magnetism therapy stone design.

Open bust Design

Allows you to wear your favorite bra while providing you support for a rounder and fuller looking breast

Open Crotch Design

Open crotch design for comfort and easy access to the toilet

High Quality Korean Silk Fibrion

Korean Silk Fibroin contains protein, which adds moisture to the skin during the winter and has anti-bacterial, skin-protective benefits during the summer.

Therapeutic Stone Design

In traditional Chinese medicine, magnets are known to activate acupuncture points and improve blood circulation.

360 Coverage

Smoothens all the lumps around problem areas

Front Hooks

3 rows of hooks to adjust the compression base on your preferred comfort

*Important Note- always hand wash with warm water to ensure your shapewear stays in its best condition!


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