Having problems with Saggy Boobs? Here’s How The Right Bra Lifts You Up

Having problems with Saggy Boobs? Here’s How The Right Bra Lifts You Up

What causes breasts to sag or droop?

There are many causes to women having saggy breasts but the number one factor is genetics. Some women are genetically inclined to having saggy or dropping breasts. This genetic occurrence sometimes occurs early on but most of the time it happens over time.

The medical term for sagging breasts is known as breasts ptosis. This is caused when the Cooper’s ligament loses its elasticity. The Cooper’s ligaments are ligaments in the breasts that are responsible for maintaining the shape and support of the breasts.

Losing the elasticity of the ligaments can be cause by

    • - Aging
    • - Large breasts - the heavier the breasts the greater the gravity pulls on the skin and ligaments
    • - Rapid weight changes (weight loss or weight gain)
    • - Deficiencies in collagen and estrogen
    • - Menopause
    • - Multiple pregnancies
    • - Gravity

How to prevent breasts from sagging?

Unfortunately, there is no definite prevention for breasts ptosis or sagging breasts but here are few things that can help slow things down:

1. Eating a healthy diet

Eating food rich with antioxidants will help you flush out unwanted toxins and maintain your skin’s overall health and elasticity.

2. Upper Body Workouts

Working out the chest, shoulder and upper arm muscles can help them become firmer and defined which makes your breasts sit slightly higher on your chest wall.

3. Drink plenty of water

Having healthy and hydrated skin will flush out toxins and preserve its elasticity

4. Practice good posture

When you slouch, you’re giving gravity the opportunity to pull your breasts more. Good posture will help support your breasts and it will give you a more nature lift.

5. Massage

Breast massages provide many benefits for your breast health. Massages help stimulate the lymphatic system which flushes the toxins or waste fluid called lymphedema from your lymph nodes. It also helps relieve sore pectoral muscles and detect early signs of breast cancer.

How does wearing a proper bra prevent breasts from sagging?

A properly fitted bra will provide support and can help reduce breast motion. Having a properly fitted bra reduces the amount of stretching and pulling of the skin and ligaments around the chest area. It also reduces the effect of gravity on the breasts.

Finding a properly fitted bra is quite hard because there are many brands with different fitting systems. The most efficient and proper way to find a well fitted bra is to ask for a professional fitting. Seeking the help of the professionals will reduce the stress in finding the best bra for your bra size.

Best bra styles that can provide a comfortable lift

Here are some beautiful bras that can provide you that natural support and lift.

1. MagicLift Minimizer Bra helps to keep you cool and comfortable while lifting and shaping. Thanks to its minimizing cups it reduces bounce and is perfect for everyday wear.

2. Full Cup Bras is one of the best options for women with bigger breasts. This bra style provides overall full coverage and support which prevent unwanted top and side spillage. Full cup bras reduce breasts motion while shaping and providing you a natural lift.

3. Underwire Bra many women enjoy wearing this type of bra because it provides extra support and shaping. The underwire at the bottom of the cup shapes and lifts the breasts giving it a more rounded and lifted shape.

4. Full Coverage Wireless Contour Bra provides a sturdy yet comfortable 360 support. This bra naturally lifts the breasts by smoothening the unwanted fat around the underarm and back area. It also helps shape the breasts while reducing the breast motion.

5. Padded Bra is a type of bra in which the cups have soft padding that provides ample support and coverage. The padded bra helps center the breast tissues and shape the bust which makes the breasts appear firmer.

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