5 Common Myths of Shapewear, Explained

5 Common Myths of Shapewear, Explained

What is Shapewear?

Shapewear is a type of undergarment that is made to impermanently enhance and alter the shape of the wearer. This type of undergarment will smoothen unwanted excess fat giving you that flawless silhouette.

Why do people have misconceptions about Shapewear?

Let’s be honest, we all have some kind of shapewear nightmares and flashbacks which made some women fear them. Shapewear has been like a best friend for many women but there is still a huge majority of women who shudders when they hear the word “shapewear.”

There are a lot of misconceptions and myths surrounding undergarment shapewear. One of the main reasons being is that many people have this certain idea that shapewear can help you lose a few inches but with a huge exchange for your comfort.

For your information, shapewear can be comfortable, breathable and oh so empowering!

What are the 5 Common Myths About Shapewear?

Myth #1: Shapewear is bad for your health, especially your organs

Shapewear is designed to smoothen excess fat by evenly distributing and levelling the unwanted fat into desired areas. The misconception that shapewear is hazardous for your health is due to people wearing them for hours upon hours while also wearing the incorrect size. Low-level compression shapewear should be worn for only 8-12 hours. For medium-level, it is best to wear them for 6-8 hours and lastly, high-level compression shapewear should be worn no longer than 4-6 hours a day. Choosing the right material like our best selling shapewear made with intelligent curve fabric is essential to look good and feel good at the same time.

Myth #2: Wear a smaller size for effectiveness and a bigger size for comfort

Shapewear is not one size fits all. Never wear shapewear that is too small or too big for your size. Smaller doesn’t mean a better result. The main purpose of shapewear is to refine your shape and natural lines. Going for smaller sizes will not provide you with the results that you want, in fact, it will be the complete opposite. The size of the shapewear is determined by multiple factors like heights and shapewear, if you are looking for more compression, choose the right fabric correspondingly. See our compression guideline for more info about what to choose in terms of the needs of compression.

We all know that fit should be the number one priority when it comes to shapewear but that doesn’t mean you need to always go only targeting the area you are not satisfied with, in fact, you should consider a full-body shaper if you want a smoother result. The reason we say that is, fat will move around when we give it some pressure, tummy control, for example, will push your belly to your lower bust to create an unwanted bumper. Other than that, Well sized shapewear shouldn’t roll down or shift when you wear it. Shapewear should fit like a glove and will not interrupt your natural silhouette.

Myth #3: Shapewear can replace diet and exercise

Shapewear can never replace diet and exercise. Yes, shapewear can instantly remove a few inches around your waist but this is only a temporary effect. A balanced diet and proper regular exercise routine is always the best choice to make when you want to lose those unwanted excess fats.

Myth #4: Shapewear is only for plus size people

This is completely false. Shapewear doesn’t measure one’s BMI. It’s about body positivity and acceptance. Shapewear is designed for everyone and not just for specific body sizes. Shapewear’s main purpose is to smoothen your lines hence accentuating your natural silhouette.

Myth #5: Wearing Two Overlapping Shapewear Will Be More Effective

Yes, many celebrities do this but this is absolutely false. The effectiveness of shapewear doesn’t come from how many you wear at the same time. Overlapping shapewear will provide you with the same amount of support and effectiveness as just wearing one perfectly fitted shapewear. Also, it is highly discouraged to wear two overlapping shapewear for many reasons. One is that it will restrict your movements and may cause potential blood flow blockage. Another is that it may look bulkier than the usual smooth and flawless results.

What to avoid when choosing your next shapewear?

1. Avoid buying without trying or expert advice

Just like bras and other undergarments, shapewear comes in different sizes. Different shapewear brands have their own sizing charts so it is better to ask for help or a professional fitting service when you are unsure of your size, especially when you purchase online.

2. Having just one shapewear to solve all problems

Shapewear comes in different styles which target specific areas. Just because a body suit targets a majority of problem areas it doesn’t mean that it will be efficient to just own that type of shapewear. It is best to explore and try out all the different styles to know the effectiveness of each shapewear

If you're looking for your next shapewear, Bradoria has a wide range of shapewear to choose from. From full body shapers to high waisted briefs, we have them all. We also offer expert fitting services to better accommodate your needs.

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