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Bradoria Silk Fibroin Rose Serum #91111


Are you having these skin problems?
Dull skin, peeling skin, wrinkle, aging skin
-  Silk Fibroin Rose Serum improve skin rejuvenation and promote metabolism
- It moisturises your skin to reduce wrinkles and prevent skin aging
- Heals and firms your skin
Fish oil, rose serum, Vitamin E, Silk Fibroin extract
Gentle Reminder:
Silk Fibroin Rose Serum contains highly pure protein extract that promotes cell metabolism and has excellent moisturizing effect for healthier skin. It is specially formulated for winter use, effectively eliminates dry and cracked skin.
Why it is trustworthy?
Naturally plant extract serum
Rich in rose essential oils. If you apply and massage on your skin, you will get brighter and beautiful skin.
Mild and doesn’t cause irritation
Exfoliation skin that helps to remove dead cells
With the right massage techniques promote cell metabolism, delay skin aging
Help to open pores on skin, for better absorption
Apply a few drops of the serum to the palm of your hands. Put your hands together and gently massage on your skin. Apply to your face (1-2 drops), neck or body and massage in a circular motion to relax the muscles and better absorption. Apply it on your hair, from top to bottom.

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