Playful Polka Dot Pajamas | Bright red color

Playful Polka Dot Pajamas #005

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These playful polka dot pajamas are fun and exciting, not to mention offer a huge pop of color!?? The bright red velvet is decorated with a white polka dot pattern on both the top and the matching pajama pants.?? The white piping on the collar and the side seams of the pajama top matches the polka dots perfectly.?? The round buttons on the pajama top allow you to wear it either fully buttoned, unbuttoned, or halfway.?? The pajama top also features small, rounded pockets.

Key Features:

  • Matching pajama top and pants
  • Button up design
  • Pockets on top
  • Playful design

Design Features:

  • Small, round buttons on pajama top
  • Bright red color with white polka dots
  • White piping on collar and seams of top
  • Small pockets on front of pajama top

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