Modal High-waisted Period Panty #020
Modal High-waisted Period Panty #020

Modal High-waisted Period Panty #020

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Seamless. Elegant. Prevent any embarrassing underwear mishaps
- Lifting hips and bottom for shapely curves
- Seamless fit that hugs your curves perfectly
- Sexy full bottom coverage design
Dangers of wearing a wrong underwear
- Uncomfortable and unbreathable
- Itchiness
- Sensitive to skin
- Loose threads
Why do you need a period panty?
Prevent period stain on your pants or bed sheet
Allow you to sleep well even you are having heavy flow
Easy to wash and take care of it
The reasons to choose us
Soft and relaxing mesh
Long lasting
Fits on you comfortably
Leak resistant design: Extra wide and thick lining, it is made from breathable and skin-friendly modal mesh, which is comfort regardless your flow.
The best exquisite mesh with plant pattern gives your most comfortable and health experience anytime
Seamless and comfort: 3D mold shaped, gentle to your skin
Skin-friendly and breathable: soft mesh, sexy and charming

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